The Guangzhou International Brew & Beverage Processing Technology and Equipment Expo 2020 - BBE 2020

The Guangzhou International Brew & Beverage Processing Technology and Equipment Expo 2020



BBE is a modern international professional trade event featuring two-way import and export oriented, based on the pan-pearl river delta, the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area and relying on the mainland, the asia-pacific region and the world. The organizer will ensure that all exhibitors can effectively promote their products and display their images through this professional exhibition, and ultimately achieve the goal of successful marketing and sales. Professional audience organization and invitation is one of the priorities of the organizing committee, organizers will the introduction of international advanced CRM customer relationship management system, integration of government, association, production enterprises, media resources and the organizers of the huge database of buyers, through direct mail, fax, E-mail, visit, VIP invitation, instant promotion, advertising media, exhibition preview, online registration of professional audiences, introduce of trade show and professional media promotion group, the exhibitors, industry association and the international cooperation, such as a variety of flexible and effective way to organize professionals who came to visit procurement.

The organizing committee will publish the exhibition information and place advertisements on the Internet and websites of hundreds of news media, professional magazines and we media. We should adhere to the communication orientation of mainstream media for consumers and professional media for manufacturers and distributors, combine the influence and authority of large-scale activities, and create professional exhibitions with international influence with the new concept of attention marketing.

The organizer will give full play to its advantages and work with over 10,000 large-scale commodity markets and e-commerce markets nationwide to promote the exhibition. Invite all commodity markets and packing trade association members from all over the country to participate in the exhibition.

Specific measures are as follows:

With the cooperation of domestic and overseas famous media and professional media, we have carried out strong publicity and in-depth reports on the exhibition, and cooperated with the industry authoritative media to create a professional exhibition in the e-commerce packaging industry.

At the domestic and foreign major packaging industry and related e-commerce exhibition, we promoted this exhibition and issued visit tickets.

Invitations to over 200,000 professional visitors at home and abroad, E-mail invitations to over 500,000 industry buyers, fax invitations to over 100,000 sales companies at home and abroad, and invitations to over 5,000 professional vips in the industry at home and abroad.

We promote the exhibition through foreign embassies, consulates, commercial offices and trade offices in China to relevant packaging industry associations and institutions in China, invite relevant enterprises to participate in the exhibition, and promote the exhibition through Chinese embassies, consulates and commercial offices abroad.

Invite professional visitors to visit the exhibition from the database of past exhibition visitors. At the same time, I entrusted various professional associations (schools) at home and abroad and industry media to distribute exhibition promotional materials and organize visits; The full complimentary ticket program will assist exhibitors to send invitations to the most suitable target audience groups;

The club actively provides the exhibitors with the guidance and consultation of constantly updated market information and policies, launches the new and construction projects, extends the trade activities of the exhibition, and guides the exhibitors to develop appropriate marketing strategies. We will use our social resources and excellent organizational ability to help exhibitors organize product promotion meetings to maximize the benefits of exhibitors.